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The 21st of December 2012 marked the end of the fifth cycle in the ancient, yet accurate Mayan calendar. Termed as ‘the fifth age of man’, this cycle was dominated by destruction. Thereafter starts the ‘sixth age of man’ - where man shall realize God within himself. A similar concept exists in ancient Indian text too & may be interpreted as the ignition spark of the Satyug era.

In defining the turning point towards a brighter good was born WEB. Web aptly captures the spirit of this enlightened phase to come, connecting all, whilst wading off evil & accessing unlimited knowledge / experience to achieve the realization of God within.

Web shall remain true to its conception, following a path of goodness & an eagerness to offer a helping hand at every possible opportunity.

Web will donate part of its profits to charities focused on rural children’s education & nourishment.

Web loves our planet ‘Earth’, our home & will remain dedicated to its protection, preservation & sustainability of resources. Web will produce its products in green facilities & will contribute to the further developments of sustainable procedure.

Web Jeans is a brand under Vanila Fashion SRL, Milan, Italy. All Web Jeans are produced at high tech, green facilities of Vogue International, in Egypt & Dubai.

Vogue Group is the brainchild of its brilliantly intuitive founder and Chairman Siddharth Sinha, who in the year 1992, in Dubai created Vogue Velocity Apparels Co., a company highly specialized in the production of denim. Thanks to its particular mix of technology and innovation, Vogue Velocity Apparels Co. soon expanded into Egypt, Italy, USA, China, India & Turkey, leading to the set-up of Vogue Group, whose leadership in the denim sector today is acknowledged worldwide.


At Web, our souls are blue & our spirit is Jeans. We believe that our jeans should make you stand out – not blend in. We strive to create distinctive looks to underscore the individuality of our customers so they can spin their own web of lifestyle around them.

The web man is self-assured, confident, cultured and well–composed. He goes by the philosophy of working hard and playing harder. More focused on style than fashion, more focused on quality than quantity and very interested in feeling good. The feel, fit and quality are what’s important to him. His individual style is effortless!